Horizontal-opening, high-speed doors.
Designed for doorways with overhead rails or conduits.


We are manufacturers.

Robust high-speed doors.

Wide range of models.

Custom manufacturing.

Modifications and special models.

  • Horizontal-opening, roller system that runs across linear guides.
  • Comprised of two flexible, plastic tarp panels. Available in different colours, with a transparent strip to provide a clear view of any obstacles.
  • Actioned by an electric geared motor with brake which is positioned on one side of the door frame, at the front. Whenever the release lever is manually activated because of an emergency, for example, then the doors open automatically.
  • Control panel run by a PLC and variable-frequency drive, which control the opening/closing, acceleration and deceleration ramps. Includes a touchscreen HMI for operating the door, which features an on/off switch, emergency stop button and open/close switch.
  • High-speed operation, maximum opening speed: 4 m/s, depending on the door’s dimensions.
  • Free-standing frame, especially designed to take full advantage of the available space, with excellent protection and accessibility to the door’s various components (geared motor, guide rails, drum and other mechanisms).
  • Lateral door seals fitted on both sides of the door.
  • BUILT ENTIRELY IN STAINLESS STEEL: frame, control panel, mechanisms, bearings, drums and supports.
  • Lift curtain safety system fitted on both sides of the door. Adhesive warning signs.

Our high-speed doors can be installed with various opening mechanisms: