• Food safety:
    Maintain perfect control over temperature and humidity.
  • Space optimisation:
    Space optimisation:
  • Insulation:
    Perfect insulation and seal.
  • Hygiene:
    Excellent durability and hygiene.


Cured meats, sausages and hams must be dried in rooms with highly controlled temperature and humidity conditions. Our Quicksystem doors are designed specifically for this purpose – they produce rapid, efficient opening/closing to ensure maximum insulation and a perfect seal.

Quicksystem high-speed doors in drying rooms.

Quicksystem high-speed doors are the ideal solution forcured meat and ham drying rooms.

  • They optimise the time and space required to open and close, thus maintaining a very high level of insulation and seal. For temperature- and humidity-controlled rooms. Designed and manufactured specifically for use in drying rooms, these doors help our clients achieve perfect results in their products.
  • Minimise the time and space required for door opening. The excellent opening/closing speeds achieved with Quicksystem doors minimises the time they remain open. Plus, the degree of opening can be controlled by adjusting the opening height according to different requirements at different times. This results in more efficient and constant control over environmental conditions inside the drying rooms.
  • Take full advantage of the available space. We custom manufacture Quicksystem doors, which means we take complete advantage of the openings full height and width. So, they provide easy access without having to manoeuvre.
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs. Thanks to their solid construction, Quicksystem doors simplify and reduce the cost of installing refrigeration panels. The free-standing door frames are very stable, extremely robust and are fully integrated once installed.
  • Maximum durability and hygiene, straightforward cleaning. Cleaning is easier with Quicksystem doors because they do not create extra steps or unnecessary joints. Quicksystem doors are built entirely from stainless steel, ensuring excellent durability in corrosive environments and easy cleaning.
  • Optimise performance in robotised environments. In automated drying sheds, the doors receive opening/closing orders automatically from the robots. Once the robot has lifted a rack of cured meats, it tells the door to open to its maximum height. This reduces opening times and helps maintain the temperature and humidity conditions. After leaving the drying room, the robot automatically transmits the signal to close the door behind it. After leaving the drying room, the robot automatically transmits the signal to close the door behind it.