Low-profile lifting table
Improved ergonomics
No need for a pit



  • Improved working and safety conditions, better ergonomics as operators can always work at the same height.
  • Their extremely low profile when closed means they can be installed directly on the floor without a pit.
  • Designed for operation with an evenly distributed load.
  • Different models are available with a rectangular, U-shaped or E-shaped platform.
  • Connect and operate – no installation required.
  • Built with the materials that best suit each industry and sector.


  • Improved working and safety conditions.
  • In production lines, for manual palletisation and depalletisation processes.
  • Lifting goods located in racks, trolleys and containers.
  • Covers small lifting heights.
  • Position materials at the optimal working height.
  • Industrial use.


Industrial use.

Raise goods.

Improve ergonomics.

Improve working conditions.

Process optimisation.

Covers small lifting heights.






Rectangular platform

Use the table with an access ramp, or sat in a shallow pit, to raise or lower loads.

E- or U-shaped platform

The design means pallets can be placed on or removed from the table using a pallet jack and without a pit.

Integrated control panel

All our low-profile lifting tables come with a control panel that houses the hydraulic unit, electrical panel and control buttons.

We construct our lifting tables with the materials that best suit each industry and sector.

  • In stainless steel for damp and/or corrosive environments: food sectors, meat sectors, slaughterhouses, cutting rooms, offal vendors, ham and sausage drying rooms, precooked meals, fish processing, dairy product processing, cheese production, pet food, pharmaceutical sectors, chemical sectors, among others.
  • In painted steel for dry environments in all industries.
  • The top platform is made from stainless steel  while the scissors and lower frame are built from  painted steel.
Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Painted steel

Painted steel

Low-profile lifting tables

Custom manufactured models
Esquema de medidas de mesa elevadora extraplana.
  • The upper platform is built from high-strength steel plate and supported by a lower frame.
  • The solid steel scissors are extremely robust and reliable.
  • The lower frame houses the lifting mechanisms and anchors the pivot points for the scissors.
  • Our lifting tables are operated by an electro-hydraulic system and feature a hydraulic unit, cylinders, hoses and control panel.
  • All the pivot points incorporate high-performance, self-lubricating and highly durable bronze and Teflon® bearings for frictionless, corrosion-free operation.
  • IP65-rated push button control panel.
  • The lifting tables are constructed with a stainless-steel, shear-resistant frame and feature a safety mechanism that stops their descent whenever an obstacle or impediment is detected.
  • The hydraulic cylinders have an internal safety valve that prevents the table from falling in the event of a leak from a hydraulic hose.
  • Control with emergency stop button. 24 V operation solenoid valve coils.
  • Two safety lock-out bars for maintenance purposes.
The control panel incorporates raise and lower buttons with hold-to-run operation.
Alternatively, our tables can be operated with pedals, a push button control panel or an automatic photocell system.
Our lifting tables are designed and manufactured compliant to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and European Standard EN 1570.
They all include the following safety elements as standard, plus some optional ones:

We can customise our range of lifting tables to optimise their safety and performance based on the end use or application.
Here are just some of the possibilities: