Lifting tables with a hinged lip or flap


We custom manufacture dock levellers perfectly adapted to your specific needs in terms of dimensions and load capacity.

  • Lifting table.
  • Flexible shelter.
  • Sectional door.
  • Lifting table.
  • Flexible shelter.
  • Sectional door.
  • MS-TI: Lifting table built entirely in stainless steel.
  • MS-GI: Lifting table constructed from stainless steel (upper frame and platform) and galvanised steel (scissors and lower frame).
  • MS-PI: Lifting table manufactured in stainless steel (upper frame and platform) and painted steel (scissors and lower frame).
  • MS-TG: Lifting table built entirely in galvanised steel.
  • MS-PG: Lifting table constructed from galvanised steel (upper frame and platform) and painted steel (scissors and lower frame).
  • MS-AP: Lifting table constructed entirely in painted steel.
Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Galvanised steel

Painted steel

Painted steel

  • The upper platform is built from high-strength steel plate and supported by a lower frame.
  • The solid steel scissors are extremely robust and reliable.
  • The lower frame houses the lifting mechanisms and anchors the pivot points for the scissors.
  • Our lifting tables are operated by an electro-hydraulic system and feature a hydraulic unit, cylinders, hoses and control panel.
  • All the pivot points incorporate high-performance, self-lubricating and highly durable bronze and Teflon® bearings for frictionless, corrosion-free operation.
  • IP65-rated push button control panel.
  • The lifting tables are constructed with a stainless-steel, shear-resistant frame and feature a safety mechanism that stops their descent whenever an obstacle or impediment is detected.
  • The hydraulic cylinders have an internal safety valve that prevents the table from falling in the event of a leak from a hydraulic hose.
  • Control with emergency stop button. 24 V operation solenoid valve coils.
  • Two safety lock-out bars for maintenance purposes.
Our lifting tables are designed and manufactured compliant to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and European Standard EN 1570.
They all include the following safety elements as standard, plus some optional ones:
We can customise our range of lifting tables to optimise their safety and performance based on the end use or application.
Here are just some of the possibilities: