Industrial use.

Perfect seal.

Free up space.

Thermal insulation.

Energy savings.

Hygienic insulation.

Ease of operation.

Advantages and applications

Our industrial sectional doors are ideal for loading docks and providing access to the exterior.

They are manufactured using insulating sandwich panels that slide along lateral rails.

Their vertical opening ensures all the interior and exterior space is fully available for unloading/loading operations.

The are designed to adapt to the space available around the doorway and in the ceiling.

Optimal thermal and hygienic insulation.

User-friendly opening and closing operations and equipped with a torsion spring system.



  • The doors are made from 40 mm thick sandwich panels comprising two sheets of galvanised and painted steel plate filled with expanded polyurethane.
  • The top and bottom of each panel feature steel  reinforcement bars to ensure all the hinges and metal fixtures form a secure connection.
  • All the hinged joints and ends feature flexible but watertight seals that guarantee a perfect closure and excellent insulation.
  • En los extremos laterales disponen de perfiles de acero sobre los que se instalan las bisagras laterales regulables.
  • The doors are operated with a system involving torsion springs, drums and cables.
  • Steel guide rails accommodate the nylon wheels to achieve practically silent door opening and closing.
  • The guide rails’ vertical shape depends on the type of door lintel.
  • Handle facilitates manual door opening and closing.
  • Installed with spring and cable fail-safe devices.
  • EN 13241-1 compliant.

All out sectional doors are custom-made according to the width and height of the access space (see the table of lintel models).

The fixtures are made of galvanised or stainless steel.

Our sectional doors comprise panels that are:

  • 40 or 80 mm thick.
  • Constructed from galvanised steel with a lacquered finish in RAL 9002.
  • Optionally, they can be lacquered in any RAL colour.